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    9    AM Bible Class
   10  AM Worship
     6   PM Worship

     9:30   AM Ladies Bible Class
     7:00   PM Bible Class

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Welcome to the Loveland Church of Christ
4100 South Taft Ave, Loveland Co,
What to Expect on Sunday Morning
We would love to have you as our guest in any of our worship services or classes. We will do all we can to help you feel comfortable and welcome.  
Greeting and Welcome
 You can expect to be greeted you as you come into the building. Anyone can quickly point you to a class you may be interested in attending. Except in the case of special events, all of our worship services are held in the auditorium which is located in the center of our building.​    
Worship Beginning
One of the men of our congregation will begin by welcoming everyone. Our song leader will then lead the congregation in acapella singing (without instruments). We have songbooks in the pews available for your convenience. After a few songs and a prayer, we will share the Lord's Supper.
Lord's Supper and Offering​
Every Sunday the Lord's Supper, sometimes called "communion," is offered to the Christians present. The bread and grape juice represent the body and blood of Jesus. The reason we do this is to remember the sacrifice of Jesus and the promise of forgiveness for those in a relationship with Him.

Two prayers will be offered before each set of trays are passed out. One prayer is in English and the other in Spanish.

After the Lord's Supper, an opportunity to give financially to the work of the church will be given, sometimes called the contribution. Our members choose to give out of their thanksgiving to God as each one has determined. The offering is our member's way of providing for the work and service that our church does.
Guests are not expected to participate in the offering.
 (II Corinthians 9:7).
Sermon and Dismissal
Following the Lord's Supper and Offering, we will dismiss our young children to Bible Hour and the Spanish speakers wishing to hear a sermon in Spanish to another room for a sermon in Spanish.

Our preacher will deliver a prepared speech (usually called a sermon) based on a text or topic found in the Bible. It is typically about 20-25 minutes. Our preacher seeks to highlight a principle from the Bible and discuss its relevance for living our lives today. At the end of his sermon, he will offer an "invitation" related to the application of the sermon. 

The song leader will then lead another song. We will have one more prayer. This will then conclude our congregational worship.

In all, our worship lasts about one hour. We hope that you have time to stick around and visit. 
Entering and Exiting the Auditorium
You may enter or leave the auditorium during worship anytime you need to. You'll find our attended nursery is easy to use with responsible adults watching the children. You'll also find restrooms and water fountains on either wing of our lobby.

We do look forward to your visit. We hope this has provided you with a good overview of what you can expect in our worship services.

Q & A
What should I wear?
There is no dress code. Some will be dressed up with shirt and ties others will be in t-shirts and jeans. Please done worry about how you look or dress.

Do I have to bring anything?
You don’t have to bring anything. A Bible, Pen, and Paper might be good to have but are not necessary.

Will I be singled out?
NO, you will not be singled out! You will be greeted warmly by people wanting to get to know you and your family. But you will not be singled out in any way.

Will I be embarrassed?
No, we will not embarrass you. Never will you be asked to do anything that you do not wish to do.

But I can’t sing!!!
The fact that we sing acapella (without instruments) might be strange to some and might make some uncomfortable. Our belief is that it’s not about how you sound but praising God. All are encouraged to join in and worship God regardless of your singing ability. 

What if my kids don’t know how to behave in church?
Kids will be kids, the sounds of kids in worship is the sound of life in a church. Sure we try to keep them behaved but we come to worship God not show how well our kids can sit for an hour.  There is a nursery available if needed and there is Children’s Bible hour for 4 years old-4th grade during the sermon so that they can be engaged in a lesson they can learn from.

Is there an attended nursery for the little kids?
We have a nursery available. It is not staffed at this time.

Will I be bombarded by visits or messages or calls if I fill out a Visitor Card?
If you fill out a visors card, which we hope you will. We will not bombard you. But we do plan on following up with you and your experience.  If you ever feel bombarded please let us know, we are not seeking to overwhelm you!