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Holding The Line Abroad

The Bible is clear about the churches #1 mandate to tell others about the good news of Jesus (the gospel) (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16, Romans 1:16, Acts 20:26). In Matthew 28:18-20 the command is not for all of us to go far and wide with the gospel, but instead for each of us to teach wherever we are.

But if we understand the state of mankind apart from God and the salvation that is only found in Jesus, how can we not go far and wide to tell those who have not heard the message of Jesus? Because of this, the church from the beginning has sent out men and woman who make it their goal to teach the gospel in places where the church is small or even nonexistent. The support of these missionaries by the church is critical.

Paul speaks to such a sending church in Philippians 1:5 “because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” When a congregation and/or individual partner with missionaries around the world, we are enabling them to focus upon the work at hand. This partnership, scripter teachers, allowing us to participate with them in the work.
We might think of it like one of those rescuers repelling down to help save some engaged person. Both the one rappelling and those holding the rope are essential to save those who are in danger. The missionary is the rappelling party and those holding the rope are those supporting them finically to do the work God has called them to do.

We at the Loveland Church of Christ believe it’s important to help such missionary’s as we are able. Below you will find the missionary’s and works abroad that we currently support and “hold the rope” as they go about doing their God-given work. We pray that you are encouraged as you see what God is doing through them and we are pleased to play a small part in helping them do what God has called them to do.


We are proud to support Paul Renganathan in his work for the Lord in Chennai, India. It has always been a mission which many members have been involved with individually. Members can individually help support preaching students or help with benevolence, and several members have been doing so for quite a while. This page details some of the many things Paul and the Christians in Chennai have been involved with.
The Choolaimedu Church of Christ was started in the late 1980s when a young evangelist, Paul Renganathan, took to the streets to give the good news of Jesus Christ to all who would listen. Today the Church has many outreach ministries plus a thriving Bible college.
Preacher assistance at the Bible College:
Bicycles are provided for preachers' transportation needs.  As a way to make money, there are a number of small taxis that the preaching students can drive for hire.  While being transported, customers listen to tapes of gospel preaching.

Mobile Gospel Team and Gospel Meetings:
Paul and teams of preachers travel to areas without a congregation to hold gospel meetings.  They often establish new churches that way.

Free Bibles:
Bibles are offered at every opportunity to people who would like to have one.  Sometimes Bibles are given away on the last day of a gospel meeting to those who have attended every session, as an incentive.

Bible Correspondence Courses:
Bible lessons are sent around India, around 2000-3000 per month.

“Hear Ye Him”:
The spiritual magazine "Hear Ye Him" is published in English, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Nepali and distributed around India and surrounding countries.

Leadership Classes:
Every year, at the time of the World Bible School graduation ceremony, alumni and Christians from all over India gather for Leadership Classes.  These are held for 5 days to help encourage and support preachers and church leaders.

Nepal Ministry:
Gospel meetings are being held in Nepal and congregations are being established there.  The head of the Nepal Centre of Biblical Research, Gajendra Deshar, is a graduate of the World Bible College.  After the 2015 earthquake, Paul helped with relief efforts and provided counseling for school children.

Water Wells:
Wells and pumps are being provided to areas which lack access to fresh water. Generally the funds for well projects come from the US, and Paul coordinates the construction.

Cameroon, Africa Mission - Andrew Meliki

Cameroon is in Central Africa; the country is roughly the size of California with a population of about 15 million. Originally, Cameroon was colonized by both the French and the British; hence, both languages are spoken within the country. Approximately 75% of the populace is French-speaking, 25% are English speaking.

We support a local Preacher Andrew Meliki, Jim Corner is our point of contact and began his mission work under oversight of the Buckingham Road eldership in 1991, working in Ghana. However, in 1996, Jim began focusing on Cameroon.

Jim works with native churches to enhance their growth through mentoring and developing native leadership in congregations. The emphasis is on helping the Cameroonian churches mature.
Jim is coordinator of the Cameroon work.

He makes three trips annually to Cameroon, During the first trip each year in February, leadership training seminars are conducted for Cameroonian brothers and sisters. Several hundred church leaders are trained each year. Jim is accompanied by at least one brother and at least one sister from the U.S. to assist in the seminars.

Jim’s focus each seminar is helping brethren see more clearly how Jesus lived and thus give encouragement in following Christ’s example.

The second brother stresses an area of leadership to the men. The American sister teaches Cameroon women how they may better be of service in the church. The women’s focus in recent years has been to build up the Sunday School program for children. A native couple has written a curriculum for children’s Bible classes; recent emphasis has been on assisting Cameroon sisters in learning how to better teach children.

In June of each year, Jim leads a team of Americans on an evangelistic campaign that targets the English side of the country.

In the middle of  October, he travels on another campaign that reaches out to the French side.

Jim has made more than 30 trips. He and those traveling with him have taught more than 4,000 people, with about 1,500 of those surrendering their lives to the Lord.

Jim is always open to those who desire to work with him on a campaign or who can contribute to assist the work. For more information, Jim can be contacted at .

Sofia, Bulgaria Mission - Hristo & Vania Arnaudov

 Hristo Arnaudov was born in 1952 and accepted the faith of Christ from his parents. For 19 years he has worked as a professional instrumentalist, vocal educator and conductor. He has served in the church as a deacon, song leader and leader in the church. In 1995 he emigrated to Greece and devoted himself fully to God as an evangelist. In 2001 he and his wife planted the Bulgarian Emigrant Bulgarian Church of Christ. Hristo Arnaudov, along with his wife, Vanya Arnaudova, graduated from the International Bible Institute in Lubbock Texas graduated 2011.

He currently serves the Renaissance Church of Christ in Sofia, Bulgaria as an Evangelist. They have made it their goal to grow in faith and spirit, especially among younger families. To this end, they have recently started a summer camp which they are pleased to have seen successfully started this year.  They also conduct seminars, workshops, and other beneficial opportunities to learn outside of the normal assembly times. The church is growing and thriving looking for more opportunities to serve their community.

Contact Hristo & Vania Arnaudov

1618 Sofia Bulgaria
P.O. Box 333